Lenora Billings-Harris

Dear Introducer: Thank you for accepting the responsibility of introducing me, and creating an enthusiastic beginning to this presentation. Please read the following information as it is, add any additional information you know that will make it relate to your audience. If you know Lenora, personal comments are welcome. Please review this with Lenora before the event begins. Thank you, in advance for the professionalism that I know you will add to my session.

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Lenora Billings-Harris is an author, international speaker, and consultant who specializes in helping organizations make diversity and inclusion a competitive advantage that leads to academic excellence.

She has been recognized as a leader in her field of expertise as well as in her profession. Lenora was named by Diversity Woman Magazine as one of the twenty top influential diversity leaders in the US, and is included among the top 100 thought leaders on Diversity by the Society of Human Resource Management. Lenora is a past president of the 3000 member National Speakers Association, and past president of the Global Speakers Federation which includes 13 association around the world.


Lenora has been a guest speaker for the University of Pretoria (South Africa), two universities in Russia and Ukraine, West Point, Cornell University, as well as with teachers and administrators in public, private, and charter schools. Additionally Lenora serves on the adjunct faculty of University of North Carolina-Greensboro, where she and her award winning team conducted research on the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational performance and retention of underrepresented faculty.

Although she currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina she has presented to audiences on six continents as well as in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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