Whether through keynotes, workshops, or train-the-trainer sessions, Lenora Billings-Harris’ thought provoking presentations are substantive, positive and non-judgmental.

Why Lenora… Why Now?
Why select Lenora for your project or event? Lenora will help you make the project have long term impact that translates into changed behavior on the job.

Successful meeting planners share their thoughts.

Visit the sections below in preparation for Lenora’s program.

Pre-Program Questionnaire
To gather information about your organization to help Lenora customize her presentation. You can submit this form online or complete it, print it and mail or fax it to Lenora.

Lenora’s Introduction
For the introducer at the meeting.

Introduction for Educational Institutions
For the introducer at the meeting.

Lenora’s Media Photo – Downloadable Files for Use in your Promotions
Quality jpg file for use in your print and web media.