Clients Rave about Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP


“Presentation style, dynamic personality, and diversity expertise made every moment of this customized program phenomenal.”

– Sue Krupa, Terry Ahearn and Kevin Chapman

“Your session, “The Diversity Advantage” had a powerful impact on our group as evidenced by the standing ovation they gave you.”

– Filemon Lopez, Senior Vice President of Sales
Comcast Cable Communications

“You did your homework!”

– Debra Ellis, Sr. Human Resource Advisor
Mobil Oil

“Reinforced the ideas of treating people the way they want to be treated. Reminded me to be aware, to be sensitive and to not assume.”

Pat Mancini, Vice President Human Resources
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

“Program as a Business Initiative…in the broadest sense, and not just on the race and gender issues.”
– Jim Betts, Director Human Relations
Dominos Pizza Inc.

“Your presentation was an integral component of our Diversity Summit. We walked away with more than just a few philosophical ideals; we learned how to put diversity and inclusion into action.”

– Terri Hamilton Brown, Sr. Vice President
National City Bank

“Relevance of the material and the powerful way in which you presented it.”

– Keith Beatty, Director of Human Resource
Ritz Carlton
Mobil Oil

“Your contributions were significant in creating a unique energy throughout the company that will remain a part of all of us for a long time to come.”

– Dave Pelliccioni, Group Vice President-Sale and Marketing

“Excellent reviews and comments on the class evaluation forms that your dynamic presentation skills and thorough knowledge of the subject matter made for one of the most effective diversity training sessions for our employees.”

– Lawrence Brede Jr., Sr. Vice President and Sr. Manager


“So timely and applicable to our delegates.”

– Heather Matthews, Meeting and Education Coordinator
American Bus Association

“Your presentation topic was timely, relevant and presented information that will assist our members to enhance and improve their professional and personal lives.”

– Judy Dye
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

“You also presented the issues in a professional, energetic, and most importantly sensitive manner.”

– Bradley Wynn, Benefits Manager
American Physical Therapy Association

“Full of new and relevant ideas for our participants.”

Stephanie A. Hood, Educational Conference Chair
Association of Legal Administrators

“Our desire for the concluding session was to make it personal—a self-awareness experience—and you accomplished that perfectly.”

– Carolyn Madden, Executive Director
Athena Association

“Fun and thought provoking!”

– Anne Marlotte, Director Employee Development & Processes Human Resources


“Your warmth and humor engendered a comfort level that allowed class members to share openly with each other”

– Becky Pfaff
Winston Salem Leadership Program

“The faculty and staff of Pendergast School District were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the diversity workshop you gave during orientation week.”

Jody Lenenweaver, Director of Human Resources
Pendergast School

“Your style of presentation, combined with your knowledge and program’s content, led to our group giving you not only a warm standing ovation, but also superlative set of evaluations.”

– John H. King
Chairman of the Greensboro Day School Improvement of Instruction Committee

“Your remarks on diversity were not only relative to our work within an educational institution, but also to our everyday lives.”

John Fitzsimmons, President
Maine Technical College

“It was interactive, fun, and tremendously successful!”

– Deborah M. Kennedy, Administrative Assistant
Randolph Community College Distance Education & Instructional Technology

“You did an excellent job tailoring it (the presentation) to our group. This is a group that is well-versed in diversity issues but you were able to address the topic in a fresh and meaningful way.”

– Maureen Crawford
University of Washington

“ The cadets and faculty who attended the presentation enthusiastically received your thought provoking ideas on diversity. Your comments generated lively discussions in our classes.”

– William J. Lennox, Jr., Lieutenant General
United States Military Academy, West Point


“Employees still talk about the presentation and use your examples when confronting each other (using your S.T.O.P. technique).”

– Ed Hanigan, Director HR
Alcohol and Drug Services

“Your motivational self-empowering skills and enthusiasm is still being felt by many of the program attendees, including our staff.”

– Berlinda Williams-Strong
City of Memphis HR

“Your ability to bring various themes into the motivational speech impressed me and our program committee. We especially liked the tangible objects you gave to each audience member, symbolizing the topic and message you delivered. Who will ever forget the marbles!”

– Nancy Washburn, Coordinator & Trainer
Arizona Department of Economic Security

“We need and want you back.”

Michael Reym
Chairman of the Farm Credit Association

“It was evident you truly have a gift for presenting a sensitive topic in a manner that makes people feel comfortable and open to learning.”

– Ernest Phillips
Social Security Administration

“As a keynote speaker, your presentation entitled, “From Adversaries to Allies: Gender Communication in the Workplace” definitely provided our employees valuable information to digest.”

– Eric Howard
Farm Credit Association

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