For the next few days I will share my diversity-related observations as I experience Cairo.

I am visiting Cairo with my honey Charles to celebrate our 36th anniversary and our birthdays. All are in August. Today is our first full day as tourists.

Having lived in Arizona is helpful. Drinking lots of water and pacing ourselves in the heat is easy so far.

Lines in the roads are a concept. Even when they exist, drivers make their own lane, thus a road that is designed as two lanes usually has 3-4 “lanes” of cars playing “chicken” for the space. Police are evident everywhere, similar to Time Square in New York City. We also passed an installation with loaded missile launchers.

Most female tourists appear respectful of this Muslim country in that they wear short sleeved tops and Capri or long pants. The few women who appear to be clueless or  just don’t care about the customs really stand out in a crowd.

Generally women do not drive, but I did see one young woman driver with her hair fully exposed, and another wearing a full burka.

The hotel does serve beer and wine but since pork is not the custom, beef bacon and chicken sausage are  served instead.

The Egyptian Museum was a great experience. I was told in order to see all the artifacts it would take nine months! Seeing exquisitely preserved artifacts that are over 5000 years old make the USA seem like an infant.

As I viewed jewelry and furniture I was most impressed with the intricate detail of every piece, and how the rest of the world was influenced by inventions and discoveries made by Egyptians thousands of years ago.

On to The Pyramids tomorrow.