Sight is the ability to see. Vision is the ability to SEE beyond barriers, turning them into bridges and realizing the benefits of diversity and inclusion in our workplace and communities. Challenge yourself to seek opportunities to learn about individuals of different groups; engage in meaningful dialogue and fun activities with members of different groups and encourage people within each of your spheres of influence – at work, at home, in your community – to begin this journey of inclusion and acceptance.

There are many benefits to learning about, accepting and respecting diversity. The CDOs (Chief Diversity Officer) featured in Trailblazers are leaders who are part of organizations that have embraced and fostered diversity to the advantage of the organizations and their communities. They are considered trailblazers due to their pioneering efforts that have set the bar of achievement for other organizations.

They see how vital inclusion and diversity are to strengthening the fabric of their organization through a robust pipeline of talent, while also striving to enhance their marketplace presence. They have a clear vision of the advantages and impact of an inclusive and engaged workforce. They “see around corners” with respect to trends and challenges that will impact their organizations’ ability to stay relevant in service of a very diverse workplace and marketplace — both in the U.S and abroad.

What Trailblazers understand better than most is that inclusion and diversity deliver results.
Source: Trailblazers

Challenge yourself and inspire your community of friends and coworkers to be trailblazer champions! Need some ideas on how to get started on your trailblazing journey? Why I’m certainly pleased to be The Help with this. Yes, The Help is a terrific film to view and discuss with a group of friends and or coworkers. Maybe your department can arrange for employees to view and then discuss this film as part of continuing diversity education.

Other films:
• A Class Divided
• Dances with Wolves
• Schindler’s List
• Selena
• The Diary of Anne Frank

It would be wonderful if each of us could immerse ourselves in a different group or culture for 30 days as did Morgan Spurlock in his television series 30 Days. However, a less complex approach is doing simple “1 a day” things to connect and engage with individuals different from yourself:

Some places to visit and activities you can do:

• Oktober Fest
• Places of worship
• Ethnic restaurants
• Women’s or Homeless shelters
• Ethnic museums and memorials
• Socialize outside of your circle at trainings or in the cafeteria
• Smile when greeting others
• Start a regular* conversation with a person of a different generation, GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender), Muslim or Latino group.
• Add a new word you can use; delete a word you can loose from everyday conversation. For example, use/add disabled person, lose/delete handicapped.

*Relax Respond Respect

I challenge you to SEE as many people in your community to celebrate diversity and inclusion, be a trailblazer champion and make a difference.

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