As our lives become ever more hectic with email, tweets, Inmail and posts, we hope to jugglingmake it easier for you to learn while you multi-task at your computer or mobile device. Yes, listen while you clean up other email, or while you are driving (no texting of course!). Our podcasts will generally be between 15-20 minutes.

This month we are launching the first of many podcasts that will appear periodically within this newsletter. In this interview, I posed most of the questions up front, and Gustav then responded.

Dr. Gustav Gous is an international diversity consultant and professional speaker based in South Africa. His work takes him to several countries within the Middle East and Asia as well as throughout southern African countries.Dr Gustav Gous

Gustav and I frequently partner to deliver diversity and inclusion training that includes organizational strategies as well as day to day cultural intelligence skill building.

In this seventeen minute chat, he will address the following:
• The concept of Diversity Intelligence
• Diversity and Inclusion beyond race
• How diversity training differs across country boarders
• Do’s and don’ts when speaking outside of your home country
• Partnering D & I sessions to provide broader perspectives

To learn more or to contact Gustav directly:
Diversity Intelligence Associates


Let me know what you think.

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