Many companies say they value diversity and inclusion but do
little to prove their commitment. For at least the past ten years researchers
have reported that diverse workforces that are respected and heard lead to
better business results.  
reported by The Network Journal, Huffington Post is leading the media industry
with their latest organizational move. They reported on May 10
that, “
The Huffington Post is moving forward with
its diversity efforts as it hires BET co-founder Sheila Johnson as strategic
advisor for Multicultural and African-American Initiatives and Derek Murphy as
general manager, Multicultural. Murphy, who was previously senior vice
president, Business Development of The Huffington Post had been COO of Global
Media Ventures, which he formed with Johnson.”  In February 2011, AOL purchased The
Huffington Post, which was founded by Arianna Huffington.

All of the twelve chief diversity officers featured in TRAILBLAZERS: How Top Business Leaders
are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity
agree that their
organizations are able to identify the impact of diversity and inclusion on bottom
line business successes in their markets.

The NBJ (National Association of Black Journalists) has advocated
for more diversity in news rooms, on editorial teams, on television news
programs, as well as in the executive suites in general.  

Its 2011, when will “diverse” executive hires no longer be
newsworthy because there are so many, so often?