Igniting Courage Podcast is proud to bring you this amazing conversation with global expert in diversity, inclusion, bias and equity in the workplace, Lenora Billings-Harris. We talk about why it takes courage to talk about these topics, and she gives some great strategies for re-framing these things in your brain so you can approach difficult conversations with a more positive outlook. She also gives a great tactic for approaching tough conversations when someone says or does something offensive, increasing the likelihood that they will be open to listen and make positive changes!

She mentions a few resources to learn more about Diversity and Inclusion, Racism, Bias and Equity.   Here they are!

Resource list on  Lenora’s website including websites, articles, etc.
The Diversity Advantage by Lenora Billings-Harris
Trailblazers by Lenora Billings-Harris

White Trash by Nancy Isenberg
Lead From the Outside,  by Stacy Abrams
Caste, by University Press
Everyday Bias by Howard Ross
Good Enough Now by Jess Petit