Not that long ago, people were uncomfortable seeing mixed race couples hold hands or kiss, and wanted them to hide.

Change does not happen until enough people get uncomfortable with the status quo. As it infamous-ole-miss-player-marshall-henderson-says-hes-boycotting-espn-over-the-michael-sam-kiss-in-a-nsfw-tweetrelates to LGBT acceptance, many of people straight and gay have become uncomfortable with the expectation that some people should hide who they are. It is time for people to get over themselves and accept that others do not need to cater to the majority’s needs. I applaud Michael Sam for the kiss, because it is a way of saying, ‘You will need to deal with all of who I am. I will not hide any part of who I am. If you are uncomfortable, deal with it.’ It is not his issue. His issue is to play the best football possible. He will be under much pressure to perform.

In all my diversity work, when it has been safe enough for an LGBT person to speak up, each has said essentially this. I am not seeking your acceptance. I am not seeking your permission. I am not seeking your approval. I am merely seeking your respect as one human being to another.

We as humans will continue to judge others. If we want to grow, we will ask ourselves WHY others behavior or appearance bothers us. Perhaps then we can uncover our own biases and become richer for the experience.