I had the opportunity to drive to the mountains and then to the shores of North Carolina to work with clients late last month. Although I usually do not like long car rides, these two were spectacular. I was constantly reminded of the miracles of nature as I enjoyed the many hues of the changing foliage. The diversity of trees manage to co-exist and support each other while still maintaining their own unique identity. The fall season illustrates the beauty of this interdependence every year.


It seems that everything in nature has its particular purpose and talent; all working interdependently – changing, adapting, evolving – to create and maintain success. Nature’s diversity spectrum is infinite and there is input from everything on that spectrum.

Indeed nature is a great example of how employing and engaging diverse talent can deliver organizational excellence!


Each employee is like a tree, just waiting to show its brilliance. One way organizations can effectively develop and utilize their diverse talent is by determining where they are now, and then plan ways to benefit from the interdependence of their multicultural talent. Organization-wide diversity and inclusion audits inform leadership regarding their engagement efforts and how they impact all employees. One supporting statement captured by an employee was shared in Trailblazers :


My manager listens to ideas from everyone and encourages input individually and/or as a group. (Cultural Competency: demonstrating inclusion as a way to engage the full workforce.)


Contributions from each employee can only strengthen the bottom line.


As CEOs and others routinely engage with a spectrum of people who represent the more conventional attributes of diversity — such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and possibly veterans groups — they fully expect to learn about the contributions that each individual and group can bring to the organization; through their connections and knowledge of their own constituency groups.


So take a walk along a nature trail to appreciate the diversity and the interdependence that abounds.  You’ll be sure to find inspiration on how to leverage diversity to your business’ advantage.