What does August mean to you? For most folks it is a month of no holidays, but not for Charles (my honey of 38 years) and me. We celebrate our wedding anniversary as well as both our birthdays in August!  We have no excuses for forgetting these three dates.

Although it is a month with no official USA holidays it is a month filled with endings and beginnings. August reminds us that summer will soon end. I know some of you are saying thank goodness, the heat this year has been unbearable. It is also a month of preparation for the activities of fall- school, work without vacation, planning for the next business year, etc.

August is a month filled with special recognitions and celebrations. I invite you to scan the special celebrations listed in this ezine and then choose two that you will personally celebrate, acknowledge or learn more about in some way .  I plan to learn more about one of the American Indian nations; buy a product or service from a Black vendor; send a card to an Air Force veteran;  have a night out with a girlfriend; do something related to women’s equality; and meditate about the abolition of slavery.

These actions enhance our appreciation of the impact of diversity and inclusion, as well as expand our multicultural competences. Most importantly by taking some action we expand our universe of inclusion as well as have fun in the process of learning.

What will your new beginnings be related to valuing the differences among us? Have fun with your plans and let me know about your discoveries. Together we can make a difference.

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