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(an excerpt from The Diversity Advantage)

Form a small group of colleagues to explore the effects of stereotyp­ical thinking. Have each member share the follow­ing information:

·    Describe a time in your childhood when you didn’t fit in. What was the situation; how did you feel; how did you react?

·    Identify a group of which you are a member (e.g. Millenial; Christian, African American male), share what you never want to see, hear or experience as it relates to your group.

Example: European American/White/Caucasian
I never want to hear…

— …”your problems are my fault.”
—     “You just don’t get it.”
—      “All Whites are bigots.”

·    Share what the results and insights of this exercise are with me at

Ponder This …
“So listening, carefully, is what I was taught all my life. I’m just saying that when people don’t listen, it’s not that they don’t learn, they just deny themselves tremendous opportunities and glorious choices.”

—Steven Spielberg

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