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Finally a book about diversity with “why’s” and “how-to’s” that are immediately applicable to daily life.

Lenora Billings-Harris is writes in a thought provoking yet non-judgmental manner as she shares best practices of individuals and organizations from around the world in an effort to help us all work well and live well in this shrinking global village.

This book provides specific tools to…

• Implement actions that create a culturally competent workforce

• Reinforce multicultural competency workshops

• Implement the S.T.O.P technique when diversity collisions occur and remain able to effectively interact with co-workers

Use Diversity and Inclusion to Engage your Team


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Praise for the Third Edition

The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Making Diversity Work

This easy to read book is filled with reality-based applications that will help you lead and work with today’s diverse teams, clients and customers.
-Harvey Mackay
Author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Lenora’s STOP technique (detailed in this book) is a fast and simple way to give diversity-related feedback at home or in the workplace.  A great resource for workshops, and supervisory training.
-Craig E. Philip
CEO Ingram Barge Company

Ms. Billings-Harris has drawn from her vast experience to provide us with a valuable collection of perceptions and strategies that will enhance any diversity effort.  Keep this book at your fingertips for the unlimited insights it provides!

Howard Ross, Cook Ross, Inc.
Author, ReInventing Diversity:  Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose, and Performance

The Diversity Advantage is a MUST have for any HR or Learning Professional that needs a guide to building a robust Diversity & Inclusion culture in their organization. It is a step by step guide answers all the tough questions, and is chock full of real world action items.  Lenora’s vast experience comes through loud and clear.
– David Moff, SPHR
CEO, HRGroup, Inc.

If you want to implement diversity objectives in your organization, this book is a must read.  It establishes Lenora Billings-Harris as one of the foremost experts in diversity practice, and it offers practical and thought-provoking ways to implement diversity initiatives in an organization.  More importantly, this book advances the fact that diversity is an advantage — a critical fact as we deal with 21st century challenges and demographic shifts.
– Julianne Malveaux, Ph.D.
Economist and Author,  President Emerita, Bennett College for Women

Lenora Billings-Harris transforms a complex topic into easy to follow, solutions.  The Diversity Advantage is informative, comprehensive, and concise.  With scenarios, examples, and definitions, this book provides clarity to diversity in our times.
-Amy Kahn, PhD
Director of Diversity, University of the Rockies

Ms. Billings-Harris helps leaders go beyond diversity awareness. The Diversity Advantage illustrates how to develop the skills needed to be an engaged leader of all types of diverse teams here and abroad. This is a must have resource for executives, HR professionals and Learning Professionals.
-Sheila Robinson
Publisher, Diversity Woman Magazine

There is no greater time to appreciate the lessons of the Diversity Advantage. In this third edition, Lenora continues to capture the essence of the challenges we all face in better understanding each other in order to be more effective leaders, team members, teachers, and students.
-Lee Finkel
Vice President of Academic Administration, University of Phoenix

This book shows you how to incorporate inclusive practices as you lead, sell, provide service to or educate others. As you read this book, you will discover answers to the questions you always wanted to ask. You will find easy to understand practices that work across race, age, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, beliefs and life experiences and much more.

The Diversity Advantage’s results-producing approaches provides

• clear and compelling guidance to all those who are working to leverage diversity’s potential

• answers to frequently asked questions

• real life examples that make the tested approaches believable and easy to implement


Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP the co-author of TRAILBLAZERS: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity , consultant, educator and international speaker who helps organizations make diversity a competitive advantage. Lenora’s pioneering expertise and leadership is recognized by many others. She was included as one of the 100 Top Thought Leaders on Diversity by SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management). Diversity Woman magazine named her as one of twenty top influential diversity leaders, and she is a past president of the National Speakers Association. Lenora serves on the adjunct faculties of the business schools of Averett University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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