stop(Turning Barriers to Bridges is the prerequisite to this presentation)                       

(2 hr. minimum)



Inclusive cultures encourage authentic conversations whether in the context of mentoring, performance evaluation, or day to day interactions. In today’s siloed society, having authentic dialogue is more challenging than ever.

There are barriers, booby traps, and blocked roadways on our journey toward achieving a culturally competent work environment. People say and do things in the workplace without malice of intent, but nonetheless, some of these actions create a less than inclusive workplace.

The biggest barrier to having an open dialogue when these challenging situations occur is fear. The main reason people do not speak up when they experience micro-aggressive behaviors is that they do not know how to do so, especially if they must interact with the colleague on a regular basis.

Lenora’s four-step process called S.T.O.P. is easy to use and produces long lasting results. It works because there is no blame or shame in the process. Her Actions for Allies dialogue technique enriches the learning and listening process.

Join her in this highly interactive skill-based session to learn techniques that can be used at work, home, and even with children.


  • Identify common micro-aggressions that impact relationships
  • Apply the 4-step S.T.O.P. feedback process to disrupt micro-aggressions
  • Determine to use and not use S.T.O.P.
  • Actions for Allies dialogue process
  • Advocates as leaders and colleagues