From Adversaries to Allies: 7 Keys to High Performance Cross-Gender Communication


Presented by Lenora Billings-Harris


In order to accomplish large scale results in a climate that is sometimes unconsciously adversarial, key skills are needed to conduct the courageous conversations that get things moving and keep them on target.


This fun yet practical presentation will accelerate your communication skills across genders and your ability to harness support in unlikely places. You will explore ways to reframe your cross-gender communication for highly effective results. This research-based session will help you uncover unintentional barriers to effective cross-gender productivity and engage in techniques that recognize communication differences without judging them. You will discover your own hidden communication strengths. This session produces the best results when both men and women learn the key skills presented.

As a result of applying the principles and skills discussed, you will be able to:

  • Discover the unconscious biases – blindspots- that hinder cross gender productivity
  • Identify the 3 major male and female communication tendencies
  • Explore the 5 micro-aggressions that hinder effective cross-gender communication
  • Manage gender conflict more effectively
  • Access worksheets with tips, assessments and worksheets for future application

The focus of this session is on communication solutions not gender bashing, thus both men and women can enhance their effectiveness.


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