SEASONS-1Welcome to the December Multicultural Musings newsletter. Because I know you’re busy this month, this is a short message. And you can listen to it instead of reading it!  Click here.

For many people, December is a month filled with family, celebrations, and giving thanks based on our beliefs. For others it is a month of enjoying time away from work and thoughts of new beginnings for the New Year.

December happens to be Political Correctness Month. During training sessions or as part of Q&A segments of keynotes, I am often asked about the issue of saying “Merry Christmas”. People ask, “Should I say ‘Merry Christmas’, or should I say ‘Happy Holidays’?  Or should I just not say anything at all?”

My recommendation is to just relax. This is easier than you might think. If you were not concerned about offending others you would not even ask the question. So congratulations on wanting to learn. If you know the person is a Christian then saying, “Merry Christmas” is perfect. If you have no idea what their beliefs are, then say, “Have a wonderful Holiday Season.” Those who choose to be offended are usually just looking for something to be mad about. Let it go!

I thought you might enjoy watching an invocation I delivered this summer, just in case you find yourself in a similar position over the next several weeks. Let me know what you think about the invocation and about what to say. Click here.


Hug someone you love.