With dialogue can come understanding. Without it comes assumptions, presumptions and misdirected behavior. We all see events through our own life experience lenses. The more we are willing to examine an opposing point of view, the more likely we are to hold judgment until we have more facts. Within the last three weeks, I have had the privilege of delivering diversity and inclusion workshops to two different municipalities where the participants included police officers. This month I will speak at two different federal prisons. Is everyone open to the message of inclusion and respect? Of course not, but more people are open to learning than some might think.

The following article by Salon, is one that generates strong feelings and views. I share it with you here to invite you to join the dialogue and share your perspective. There is no presumption of right or wrong. Please click the link and read through the article and then share your comments on my blog at www.globaldiversitytalk.com Let’s all find our own ways to STOP and TALK for understanding.