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The Diversity Advantage 3rd Ed. - A Guide to Making Diversity Work by [Billings-Harris, Lenora]

Powerful information you can put to work right away…this practical book is brimming with insights, answers, resources and tactics—to make diversity and inclusion daily practices instead of intangible concepts.

This enhanced and updated edition of The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Make Diversity Work is a must read for all professionals who want to improve their ability to interact effectively with all types of people regardless of their packaging. In today’s global marketplace, having effective diversity and inclusion skills that enhance cultural competence is a must.

This book shows you how to incorporate inclusive practices as you lead, sell, provide service to or educate others. As you read this book, you will discover answers to the questions you always wanted to ask. You will find easy to understand practices that work across race, age, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, beliefs and life experiences and much more.

Lenora Billings-Harris is able to write in a thought provoking yet non-judgmental manner as she shares best practices of individuals and organizations from around the world in an effort to help us all work well and live well in this shrinking global village.

“From the perspective of an Australian Muslim I have found Lenora’s book to be jam packed with gems that help demystify the notion that diversity is complex. Lenora has managed to unpack the multiples issues surrounding diversity such as stereotyping, disability, behaviour, culture, beliefs, values and much more. Lenora has provided simple and real examples to highlight people are different and knowledge, acceptance and change are required to achieve positive results through diversity advantage. The book is short and concise and a must read for any individual wanting to make diversity work.”
-Najla Turk, Author, The Art of Diversity: Gain Competitive Advantage through Engagement.

The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Making Diversity Work-3rd Edition

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