transgenderWith the recent media and political attention focused on the transgender community, conversations have popped up in places of worship, sports bars, workplaces, universities school district offices, and beyond. All too often in these type conversations people are not looking for information in order to develop understanding, rather they are looking for opportunities to spread their point of view and counter the viewpoints of others.

This point-counter-point behavior is normal, yet often unproductive. Unconsciously we categorize people into “us” and “them” all the time. Because we fear that which we do not understand, we tend to see “different” as wrong, bad or dangerous.

Howard Ross, an unconscious bias expert, author and founder of Cook Ross, along with Allyson Robinson, a senior consultant with the firm recently decided to tackle this topic via a virtual learning broadcast.

With June being the month focused onto recognizing the LGBTQ community, with their permission, I am sharing the video recording of their discussion.

(By the way, I proudly serve as an external consultant with the Cook Ross organization.)

Click here to watch the video:

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