Who doesn’t like to win?! Organizations are constantly in search of new ways to beat the competition.  Many have tapped into what continues to be a major competitive edge.

That competitive edge is diversity in talent. All companies want talented, competent and committed human capital – or as many organizations refer to them – the best and the brightest.

Companies that are blazing trails in diversity know that the “best and brightest” can come from every subculture imagined. That is – talent, brilliance and competence come from behind many different cultural doors.  So whichever door you choose, you win!

Indeed that’s what the Trailblazers are doing; they have discovered the diversity advantage and they are winning! The Trailblazers’ goals are to increase the odds of their organizations in winning the war for talent, enhancing a culture of inclusion to retain their top performers, and differentiate their organizations in the marketplace.

DiversityInc magazine selected our Trailblazer Sodexo as #1 for  2010’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity. American Indians, Asians, African Americans and Latinos are 50% of their workforce and 20% of senior management.1 During our interview with CDO Rohini Amand, she explained the foundation for their success. “Our global strategy is built around talent excellence, operational excellence and business excellence. It is built around clear goals that have to do with diversity in the pipeline, which includes recruiting, retaining, and engaging diverse populations. Across the globe we’ve focused on gender because it is the one thing that you can put metrics around. But it is more than just getting the bodies in those positions. Rather, we need to cast the net wide and hire the best qualified candidates, making sure we’re changing behaviors and cultures in the organization.”


This year (2011), DiversityInc Magazine has recognized 7 of our Trailblazers among its prestigious Top 50 Companies for Diversity.  You may have heard of some of these companies: Sodexo, IBM Corp., Merck & Co., The Coca-Cola Co., Verizon Communications, Dell and Ford Motor Co.

Diversity in ideas, perception and approach can set your organization on an evolutionary and innovative journey with the rewards of revenue gains as well as recognition for corporate responsibility, cultural appreciation, respect.

Actions you can take right now:

1. Create a reward program for current employees who refer someone who you ultimately hire.  The reward could be provided at three intervals: at hire; after 3 months on the job; after 6 months on the job.

2. Develop an ongoing relationship with local colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges where you can regularly sponsor events. Name recognition does matter.

3. Engage your Employee Resource Groups ( also call affinity groups) in the recruiting, development and retention process.

D&I anyone?

Be encouraged, become a trailblazer champion – start winning!

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