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Inclusive cultures encourage authentic conversations whether in the context of mentoring, performance evaluation, or day to day interactions. In today’s siloed society, having authentic dialogue is more challenging than ever.

Lenora’s approach to cultural competence is a welcoming one, which empowers you and your team members with the ability to deliver measurable results. Her goal as an expert in diversity and inclusion strategies for organizations across industries, oceans and continents is that all feel respected and valued while contributing towards success within their respective company or organization.

As someone who specializes in working on these issues of DEI&B through engaging different perspectives (including business perspective), she knows how important it is not only to offer solutions but also to create space so people can be authentic and value the authentic views of others.

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As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse and expressive workforce continues, leaders know they must create the culture that embraces an understanding, acceptance of differences as well as similarities. They know the cultural and racial backgrounds and experiences of diverse employees and clients can enrich the organization, making it more innovative and competitive.

Enhancing your ability to recognize micro-affirmations and micro-aggressions enables you to work more effectively with all team members while appreciating the diversity of thought they bring to the organization. The added benefit is the skills learned can be used professionally and personally thus reducing stress and enhancing positive interactions.

This interactive, non-judgmental, and fun program provides an opportunity for you to discover your own level of knowledge and understanding of people different from you, and then apply the principles of inclusion to build relationships. By exploring the biases that inform some behaviors and impede productivity, you will be better equipped to turn barriers into bridges and focus on inclusive actions when you return to their organization.


As a result of attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Improve your awareness of the impact of biases
  • Limit the influence of hidden biases on decisions
  • You will be able to apply the 4-Part Compass to expand your cultural competence


[Turning Barriers to Bridges is the prerequisite to this virtual or in-person presentation; 2 hr. minimum]

Inclusive cultures encourage authentic conversations whether in the context of mentoring, performance evaluation, or day to day interactions. In today’s siloed society, having candid dialogue is more challenging than ever.

There are barriers, booby traps, and blocked roadways on our journey toward achieving a culturally competent work environment. People say and do things in the workplace without malice of intent, but nonetheless, some of these actions create a less than inclusive workplace.

The biggest barrier to having an open dialogue when these challenging situations occur is fear. The main reason people do not speak up when they experience micro-aggressive behaviors is that they do not know how to do so, especially if they must interact with the colleague on a regular basis.

Lenora’s four-step process called S.T.O.P. is easy to use and produces long lasting results. It works because there is no blame or shame in the process. Her Actions for Allies dialogue technique enriches the learning and listening process.

Join her in this highly interactive skill-based session to learn techniques that can be used at work, home, and even with children.


  • Identify common micro-aggressions that impact relationships
  • Apply the 4-step S.T.O.P. feedback process to disrupt micro-aggressions
  • Determine when to use  S.T.O.P. as an observer or when you are the offender
  • Actions for Allies dialogue process


Are you ready to go beyond multicultural awareness? Are you ready to create a respectful, engaging environment that utilizes its diversity of talent to gain a competitive advantage? If so, this program is for you. By participating in this session, you will be able to:

  1. Define a practical framework for creating a safe space for constructive conversations with individuals, and teams related to race, gender, social issues and other sensitive topics.
  2. Examine approaches that strengthen your ability to be an ally, an advocate to expand the sense of belonging for all team members.
  3. Experience TTEC’s Humanify BOTS (an AI technology).

This presentation is skill-based and is designed for people who have completed the Turning Barriers to Bridges by Disrupting Bias workshop or other DEI awareness session.

Join Lenora for this virtual or in-person session. You will leave with actionable tactics and strategies that drive success with sensitive conversations.

“Our passion at Farmers Bank is to treat our staff with the highest respect and appreciation. Outside the bank our customers are our greatest treasure. We wanted to be sure we understood DEI, the history that brought our country to this point, and the initiative and direction we needed to take to insure the success of our intentions. We really did not know where to start. We employed Lenora and she did not disappoint. We listened and incorporated her advice and counsel and came out of the gate quickly. I am proud of the fact that Lenora has positioned us well ahead of our peers. We will continue to use her wise counsel as we progress to our intended goals. Thank you Lenora.”

Hi, I am Lenora Billings-Harris.

As a DEI&B strategist who specializes in helping organizations make diversity equity and inclusion a competitive advantage by disrupting bias, I focus on making this sensitive topic less complex and easier to understand so you can take action immediately. I’m an author of two books and am included among the top 100 thought leaders on Diversity by the Society of Human Resource Management.

Before founding my firm over 25 years ago, I held leadership positions within two Fortune 100 corporations. Additionally, I am a past president of the Global Speakers Federation, the National Speakers Association, and was recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame! These experiences have provided a foundation for me to understand both the business world and the not-for-profit sector.

My clients are diverse and include NASA, Genentech, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Mercedes Benz, PayPal, Disney, Best Buy, as well as numerous professional associations and universities. Additionally, I serve on the adjunct business school faculties of two universities.

Although I live in the United States, I have presented to audiences and worked with clients on 6 continents and in 45 countries. This experience enables me to have a global perspective.

 Let’s connect now if you are ready to build and sustain a respectful, inclusive and diverse organization.

How to Talk About
Race in the Workplace

  • Discussing race and diversity at work isn’t just ‘woke.’ It’s good business.

  • To err is human

  • Rethink and reframe


UbuntuGlobal is a full-service international DEI consulting and learning and development firm, with a primary focus on helping organizations effectively leverage diversity equity and inclusion in a multicultural workplace and marketplace. Our expertise focuses on addressing the impact of DEI on organizational results by helping clients create and sustain an environment that attracts and retains top talent, values inclusive leadership, and  enhances corporate involvement in the community.

Founded in 1986, UbuntuGlobal has been delivering diversity-related leadership development, and guiding the implementation of  organization-wide initiatives to assist client organizations in creating an inclusive and equitable work environment.  The firm was founded by Lenora Billings-Harris after leaving the corporate and academic world where she held leadership positions at two Fortune 100 companies and the business school of a major university.

Consultants affiliated with UbuntuGlobal  are located throughout the United States, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Australia and the UK.