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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bestbuy-1-1.pngThank you for the candor and grace in which you deliver this message. You edified our strategy today and created new insight for many of our leaders.  Eric Fulbright, Director-Inclusion & Diversity, Best Buy                



TD Ameritrade



“Great Diversity & Inclusion expert. Lenora weaves her years of experience into a science-based approach on the topic. She’s energetic, easy to work with and commands a room”. 


“I’ve been working with Lenora for about half a year to implement and deliver Unconscious Bias training at Ketchum. Words cannot properly express how thrilled I am with Lenora as a facilitator of this content. She has created the space for people to process the material in an open and safe way and make real changes to the ways that they work with others and make decisions. The feedback we’ve received about Lenora has been endlessly positive, with colleagues saying that Lenora was extremely engaging, made them feel comfortable discussing sensitive subjects, and helped them uncover their own biases. On a personal level, Lenora has taught me so much and influenced me greatly. She is a tremendous speaker and facilitator and has the powerful ability to engage and change minds. I look forward to continuing to follow Lenora’s success.”
Julia Dranov, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at Ketchum


“We are raving fans of Lenora Billings-Harris at Amway! She is an outstanding speaker, facilitator and overall expert in Diversity & Inclusion. We have worked with her on several occasions and every time she delivers far beyond what is expected! Lenora was a huge hit as a keynote for the 2017 West Michigan International Women’s Day event. In addition, her keynote on Unconscious Bias: The Wizard of Oz Perspective and her STOP: 4 Keys to Courageous Conversations workshop were “sold out” and rated in the top sessions offered during our internal company Spring learning conference.”

Lynnette Collins, Director, Talent Enablers, Diversity & Inclusion at Amway


Our passion at Farmers Bank is to treat our staff with the highest respect and appreciation.  Outside the bank our customers are our greatest treasure.  We wanted to be sure we understood DEI, the history that brought our country to this point, and the initiative and direction we needed to take to insure the success of our intentions.  We really did not know where to start.  We employed Lenora and she did not disappoint.  We listened and incorporated her advice and counsel and came out of the gate quickly.  I am proud of the fact that Lenora has positioned us well ahead of our peers.  We will continue to use her wise counsel as we progress to our intended goals.  Thank you Lenora. – Richard J. Hollard, Jr. Chairman of the Board

We engaged Lenora to assist in educating and informing us about what an effective and impactful DE&I initiative might look like.  We were not disappointed.  We emerged from the engagement with a strong foundation, a vision and a formal strategic plan on which to execute.  We’re excited about the many possibilities and opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve.  Lenora was inspiring and a pleasure to work with.    – Vernon Towler, President/CEO


“How do we begin to thank YOU for setting the right tone for the day… and for your impactful presentation… and basically just blowing everyone away with your style, intellect and delivery. One of the attendees shared with me that they felt they were the only one in the room when you were speaking. You have won over quite a few fans… my entire team included!!!” – Ethel Isaacs Williams, Director, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion at Nextera Energy


“Lenora Billings Harris is an awesome consultant and speaker. I have had the pleasure of working with Lenora for the past year and she has performed exceptionally.

It is seldom that healthcare clinicians and staff agree on process and learning. Lenora conducted several training presentations for our management teams and received an overall rating of excellent each time.

Lenora is not only extremely knowledgeable and organized, but more importantly, she is flexible and a good listener. I was particularly impressed with Lenora’s approach to the work. She has a positive personality and a good sense of humor. She consistently displayed ease and confidence in her presentation style. Many employees spoke of her ability to authentically interact and engage with them. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Lenora.”
Melody Powell, Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at Sutter Health


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Carilion.pngThank you!  You were a HUGE hit.  What a talent you have for being thoughtful, inspiring and practical.  You gave us much to think about and real actions.  So appreciative! – Nancy Howell Agee, President and CEO


“You were an absolute joy and pleasure to have here.  At one point during last night’s presentation, when someone from the audience came up with an off-the-wall comment, you handled it so well that I turned to Andy and said “that’s a true professional; she’s better than a stand-up comedian dealing with a heckler”, and I meant it.”– Robert Masood, President, PMI-Rhode Island




“Presentation style, dynamic personality, and diversity expertise made every moment of this customized program phenomenal.”
Sue Krupa, Terry Ahearn and Kevin Chapman, AT&T


“Since hearing you speak, I find myself feeling fulfilled when applying the principles I learned from you. My interactions with people from all walks of life are more meaningful. Please know that your gifts continue to give all season long. Keep being the difference!”                                                                  Gloria Respress-Churchwell, M.A. and M.F.A.

“Your presentation contributed to our conference theme “Recovery, Revitalization & Resurgence Beyond Crisis” through your outstanding presentation, “Turning Battier into Bridges: How to Accelerate Results through Inclusive Actions”. Overall, your presentation gave our members tools to improve their leadership, enhance their business, and leverage the opportunities that exist for success beyond the crisis. I have heard from many attendees that your presentation increased their awareness of unconscious bias and gave them tools to strengthen trust  to improve their business.

“Your session, “The Diversity Advantage” had a powerful impact on our group as evidenced by the standing ovation they gave you.”
Filemon Lopez, Senior Vice President of Sales, Comcast Cable Communications


“You did your homework!”–Debra Ellis, Sr. Human Resource Advisor, Mobil Oil


“Reinforced the ideas of treating people the way they want to be treated.  Reminded me to be aware, to be sensitive and to not assume.” Pat Mancini, Vice President Human Resources, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona


“Program as a Business Initiative…in the broadest sense, and not just on the race and gender issues.” Jim Betts, Director Human Relations, Dominos Pizza Inc.


“Your presentation was an integral component of our Diversity Summit. We walked away with more than just a few philosophical ideals; we learned how to put diversity and inclusion into action.”–Terri Hamilton Brown, Sr. Vice President, National City Bank


“Relevance of the material and the powerful way in which you presented it.”-Keith Beatty, Director of Human Resource, Ritz Carlton

“Your contributions were significant in creating a unique energy throughout the company that will remain a part of all of us for a long time to come.”
–Dave Pelliccioni, Group Vice President-Sale and Marketing, Toyota

“Excellent reviews and comments on the class evaluation forms that your dynamic presentation skills and thorough knowledge of the subject matter made for one of the most effective diversity training sessions for our employees.”    Lawrence Brede Jr., Sr. Vice President and Sr. Manager, Wackenhut



“Lenora, thank you so much for speaking at our 2018 Summit in Austin! It was such a pleasure to meet you and to have the opportunity to hear your inspirational and compelling presentation in person! The information you shared and more importantly the style of your delivery was just perfect for our group!

We always send out an evaluation following the event and our attendees loved you!! You received a 4.75 on a 5 point scale with comments like ‘exceptional’ and ‘enlightening’ included.

I hope our paths cross again. You have an absolutely radiant spirit and I am so grateful you shared it with us!”
Elizabeth Kunz, Chief Executive Officer, Girls On The Run International


“Lenora spoke to our association this Spring and you could have heard a pin drop. Her presentation echoes her message; she is inclusive, positive and thought provoking. She made us all aware of our unconscious biases and how they impact our work. While the topic of diversity can be challenging and can leave attendees feeling guilty, Lenora made us feel positive. She had a few interactive exercises that got our group talking with one another and she closed letting us know that each one of us can make a difference. She had enormous impact!

Lenora is also the consummate professional. From the moment we approached her, she was quick to respond to our inquiries, and incredibly accommodating regarding our organization’s requirements. She is smart and very welcoming. I received so much praise for bringing her to our association; she made me look great!” – Karen Snyder, CSP, Creating Positive Cultural Change in Organizations, Starting from the Inside Out


EEOC of Israel-Conference

“I had the honor to meet and hear you here in Israel in the EEOC conference and in a smaller focused group . Hearing you, it is easy to “believe you” that “In the midst of impossibilities, possibilities exist”. We all think our environment and challenges are unique but I trust you it is similar to others and best practices and mainly the belief that the great results are possible can be shared.

I think we still have a long journey, yet it has been started!

Will keep your inspiration to support me along my way!”  EEOC Conference- Israel



“Thank you so much for giving your time, your story and your presence to our Annual Federation Membership Meeting held on June 12th.  For all of those individuals present, we felt as though you were speaking directly to us; that you were with us as soul mates from the beginning word until the last.  So many of us were drawn in by your stories of South Africa, of Nelson Mandela, of the State Department Group from Israel which came to Greensboro and of your return visit just a few months ago.

I heard many of our membership suggest that it was as if you were sitting in our living room having a very intimate conversation with us.  So much so that we wanted to be wearing a pair of your bangle bracelets and hugging you to comfort  you.


Thank you for sharing yourself with us. We look forward to the next time!
Ubuntu!”– Greensboro Jewish Federation


“So timely and applicable to our delegates.”– Heather Matthews, Meeting and Education Coordinator, American Bus Association


“Your presentation topic was timely, relevant and presented information that will assist our members to enhance and improve their professional and personal lives.”– Judy Dye, American Healthcare Radiology Administrators


“You also presented the issues in a professional, energetic, and most importantly sensitive manner.”–Bradley Wynn, Benefits Manager, American Physical Therapy Association


“Full of new and relevant ideas for our participants.”–Stephanie A. Hood, Educational Conference Chair, Association of Legal Administrators


“Our desire for the concluding session was to make it personal—a self-awareness experience—and you accomplished that perfectly.” –Carolyn Madden, Executive Director, Athena Association


“Fun and thought provoking!”Anne Marlotte, Director Employee Development & Processes Human Resources, EEEE



UNCG“Thank you so much.  They absolutely loved the class.  Several students came up to me afterwards to thank me for organizing it.  They have felt the influence of diversity from day one and didn’t quite know what to do with it.  Although I’ve had them in small groups almost every class – they said they had learned something about their fellow class mates.  When I left (the room), small pockets of students were standing around talking.  You were a major hit!  I’m going to hope you’re willing to find a spot every fall.

Again, kudos to you and the work you do.”  – Ronnie S. Grabon -Professor of Practice – UNCG Bryan School of Business and Economics

“Thank you so much for the training workshop you did. I’ve heard nothing but great things from the faculty, and I’ve seen some of the skills used by faculty but in some unexpected ways. Thankfully, I haven’t heard of or seen any incidents that are problematic, but I have seen this–someone is clearly ready to tell a joke that might cross a line. A colleague said, “STOP and think about the workshop–are you sure you want to say that?” And person A laughed and said, “probably not.”

“Since we all had the training–and we all know the terms–all someone has to say now is “STOP” or “Don’t make me use the STOP technique on you.” What a great way to remind people to be thoughtful about their words and language without creating hard feelings”. – Virginia McDermott, Ph.D.
Dean of the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication 
High Point University

“Your warmth and humor engendered a comfort level that allowed class members to share openly with each other”
– Becky Pfaff,  Winston Salem Leadership Program

“The faculty and staff of Pendergast School District were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the diversity workshop you gave during orientation week.”

Jody Lenenweaver, Director of Human Resources, Pendergast School

Greensboro Day School

“Your style of presentation, combined with your knowledge and program’s content, led to our group giving you not only a warm standing ovation, but also superlative set of evaluations.”

John H. King, Chairman of the Greensboro Day School Improvement of Instruction Committee

“Your remarks on diversity were not only relative to our work within an educational institution, but also to our everyday lives.”
– John Fitzsimmons, President, Maine Technical College

“It was interactive, fun, and tremendously successful!”Deborah M. Kennedy, Administrative Assistant, Randolph Community College Distance Education & Instructional Technology

University of Washington“You did an excellent job tailoring it (the presentation) to our group. This is a group that is well-versed in diversity issues but you were able to address the topic in a fresh and meaningful way.” Maureen Crawford, University of Washington


https://westpoint.edu/sites/default/files/inline-images/img/usma_logos/logo_crest_only_best.png“The cadets and faculty who attended the presentation enthusiastically received your thought provoking ideas on diversity. Your comments generated lively discussions in our classes.”

William J. Lennox, Jr., Lieutenant General, United States Military Academy, West Point




“Employees still talk about the presentation and use your examples when confronting each other (using your S.T.O.P. ℠ technique).”
Ed Hanigan, Director HR, Alcohol and Drug Services

City Of Memphis Logo

“Your motivational self-empowering skills and enthusiasm is still being felt by many of the program attendees, including our staff.”
Berlinda Williams-Strong, City of Memphis HR

“Your ability to bring various themes into the motivational speech impressed me and our program committee. We especially liked the tangible objects you gave to each audience member, symbolizing the topic and message you delivered. Who will ever forget the marbles!”Nancy Washburn, Coordinator & Trainer Arizona Department of Economic Security

Social Security Administration

“It was evident you truly have a gift for presenting a sensitive topic in a manner that makes people feel comfortable and open to learning.”
– Ernest Phillips, Social Security Administration

“We need and want you back.”– Michael Reym, Chairman of the Farm Credit Association

“As a keynote speaker, your presentation entitled, “From Adversaries to Allies: Gender Communication in the Workplace” definitely provided our employees valuable information to digest.”–Eric Howard, Farm Credit Association