These Zoom Forums are offered FREE from time to time.
Some feature an expert guest.
Others feature DEI&B-related tips and techniques.

With so much talk about race and racism, it is time to hear from the expert that scholars around the world look to for the facts. Joseph L. Graves, Jr. Ph.D. who leads biological studies in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering at two universities will discuss the social construct of race. Among other books, Graves is the author of The Race Myth: Why we Pretend Race Exists in America and his latest book will be launched in October.

A discussion with author, expert, and Tedx Talk presenter Lisa Koenecke to deepen your understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities and issues.

Join Lenora Billings-Harris for a discussion with expert Corey Kupfer to deepen your understanding of what White Privilege is, its impact on racism, and steps needed for Rehumanization. Corey and his wife Rha Goddess have worked with White people for decades who want to change their thinking and their actions.

Although the elections are over, there is still much division in the U.S. Families, colleagues and friends continue to struggle with how to have a civilized conversation when differences run so deep. Join two inclusion experts who will share strategies that work when having sensitive conversations about race, politics and religion. Lenora Billings-Harris and Tracy Brown will share strategies that work when having sensitive conversations about race, politics and religion.

Lenora Billings-Harris and Dr. Jim Smith Jr. host an important forum on race and authenticity. Expanding on More than Just Talk, this conversation will focus on the barriers and risks of being authentic and fully who we are as a Black person at work and in our community.

Lenora Billings-Harris and Gary Rifkin share insights, answer questions and suggest immediate and long-term actions for individuals and executives to address racism. So often, after Black men and women are killed in our streets or in their homes, White people ask Black people this question. “What should we do?” What is needed is for all of us to listen to the pain African Americans suffer just for being Black, and then commit to taking action in whatever sphere of influence we have. We can courageously speak up to friends, colleagues and family members once we know how. This is the recording of the first More Than Just Talk forum that explores short- and long-term solutions and ways to hold each other accountable.

Join Lenora to explore the impact of the environment and its disparate impact on race. Dr. Cairns researches the relationship between human beings, their environments, and the decisions that impact both. We will discuss the concept of race—is it real or is it a social construct for oppression? We will discuss the adverse effects COVID-19 is having on mental health and feelings of loneliness, plus strategies to combat it.

Organizations are at risk of having today’s incivility contribute to already-low employee engagement. Author and speaker Darren Ford will help us explore the relentless pursuit of a “Value Others” culture by effectively turning down the heat by turning up the connection even if the topic is polarizing.

There were marches, protests, and lots of talk after the world watched George Floyd brutally lose his life on May 25, 2020. Many companies scrambled to make diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) more substantive. Several made public statements and set transparent goals to get serious about justice and inclusion. So has the needle moved?