The Ubuntu Pledge
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The Diversity Advantage: Emerging Markets
Reaching Emerging Markets

Sexuality in the Workplace
The Dilemma Continues

What Are the Habits of Inclusive Leaders Who Create and Sustain an Environment That Supports Diversity?

The Diversity Advantage Are You Losing Speaking Engagements
Are You Winning or Losing Speaking Engagements Because of It?

The Aftermath
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Who Am I?
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Why Smart Companies Outsource Talent Acquisition

Diversity Woman Magazine
Leadership Empowerment for Women Who Mean Business

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education
Multidisciplinary in perspective, this quarterly journal offers research findings, theory, and promising practices to help guide the efforts of institutions of higher education in the pursuit of inclusive excellence.

Diverse Education
Winner of the 2002 Folio Award for best education publication in America, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education sets the standard for reporting on diversity, access and opportunity in higher education.
Provides cutting-edge news, commentary, and in-depth analysis from an inclusive point of view.
PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Persons

Why Smart Companies Outsource Talent Acquisition

Race – The Power of  An Illusion
Online companion to the PBS series.

HRC Consulting Services
Human Rights Campaign working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.

LGBTQ: How to Support LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses & Resources

LGBTQ+ and Addiction
Substance use disorders have a greater effect on LGBTQ+ people than on the heterosexual population. The LGBTQ+ community must overcome several obstacles, including being denied substance abuse treatment because of their sexual identity. However, through the proper understanding and accommodation of LGBTQ+ care principles, substance abuse treatment can be successful.Human Rights Campaign working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.